The Big Society, Localism & Housing Policy

ESRC funded Seminar Series, 2013-14

Useful Links



Policy and Politics

  • Respublica (UK Think Tank funded by Phillip Blond in 2009 – influential in development of Big Society agenda)
  • Localism Act (England) (received royal asset in Nov 2011, seeks to devolve more power to councils & neighourhoods)
  • The Big Welsh Society (short article taken from National Assembly for Wales’ Research Service Publication)



Voluntary and Community Sector Organisations (and their support organisations)

  • Locality (UK network for community-led organisations)





  • Big Lottery (supporting the development of the Community Assets programme, on behalf of government)
  • Big Society Capital (independent financial institution regulated by the FSA that supports sustainable social investment in the UK)




  • Future Communities (website by the Young Foundation highlighting community ownership & management of assets)
  • Localism (CIH) (summary of Chartered Institute of Housing’s position on the Localism Act)



Research Reports and Think Pieces (available open-access)


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